Is Anyone Worried About 2021?

Thinking about this year and everything it has brought and how it’s not even done yet is making me anxious!

I know I am not the only one. We are all left wondering what is next every month since Covid-19 started as it seemed every month after that something new and crazy would be reported and happen all around the world.

The year is not over and neither is the crazy ness which has me thinking what will happen in 2021.

Thinking positively I am hoping and wishing that 2021 be filled with an abundance of blessings for everyone and that after all this craziness will come only great things.

This year could just be a year for everyone to open their eyes about things that were happening and no one spoke about or the rest of the world was aware of.

Whatever it may be, I’m hopeful the crazyness will be left behind in 2020 and joy, love, happiness, success and more in 2021.

Who else is feeling anxious since the year is flying by and the New Year is creeping in?

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