Happy New Year!

May this New Year bring you an abundance of joy, love, peace and blessings. This year has not been great but let this new year be the positive change we all need. Change to achieve our goals, hopes and dreams. Change to become a better person. Change to be genuinely happy. To have all your … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays

Have a happy and safe holiday. It will be different for many of us. Whether you are celebrating alone, or without family make the most of this holiday. Connect (even if it’s virtually) with your friends and family because we need more love and happiness in our lives especially this year. At least this year … Continue reading Happy Holidays

Save Money

You always hear you are young enjoy and do what you want with your money. You also hear travel the money will always be made back. A ton of advise geared into spending your money on adventure and leisure and not saving anything for the future. I am all for adventure, leisure and fun but … Continue reading Save Money


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