Being Hysterical Fixes Nothing

Fear can over take our body cause us to become extreme.

We have all seen family members, friends, etc that talk and post constantly as if the world was ending that very day.

The mass panic and hysteria constantly from these people can stress others out.

I understand being worried and having fear.

What good does it do to be hysterical? It does not change anything , it does not save a life, it does not help anyone nor anything, it does not stop anything from happening forward and, it for sure does not raise awareness.

Although not easy, try and take things with a grain of salt. Take things as calm as you can.

Everything whether good or bad happens for a reason and was going to happen with nothing you could do to change that.

As the Timón and Pumbaa say “Hakuna Matata”. You can get through anything thrown in your way and come out stronger and better.

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