Politics in Today’s Society

Politics has changed so much through out the years.

Many might now realize this due to the fact that they are not informed.

Some just vote for the political candidate whose political party align with the rest of their family members. This meaning, voting Democrat or Republican just because their family voted for that political party.

We are far away from the days of the Boston Tea Party and George Washington.

Politics can be so much about political party fandom more than who can actually lead our state, our city, and even our country!

Young people are realizing it now and speaking up more about it. They call out politicians for their wrong doings, their political history and political choices in the past. All of these are important when choosing a politician.

What will be interesting to see is if their online voices will lead to actual votes.

The older generation has always voted for the most part. They also have accepted things from politicians that the younger generation speaks out about.

The world is ever changing and evolving, and politics is not any different.

We shall see in November if the younger generation will just speak out online and in their communities, or will they also go vote to make a change.

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