Traveling with a child…

Traveling alone can be stressful, with a child it adds extra steps to ensure a more stress free trip.

Just the idea of traveling can bring up a list of items and things needed to be done before traveling. All of this adds stress. With a child you have to add more things to do beforehand which is added stress.

When traveling with a child please make sure you have snacks for them and they eat more frequently.

Also, make sure you have some form of entertainment for them. Wether it’s an IPad, board games , cards etc. Children can get bored easily especially when sitting down on a long flight.

They can get restless. We all know that they get cranky when tired. They fight their sleep until the last minute which can create an issue with flying. Don’t forget their favorite stuffed toy or blanket. It will make them feel comfortable and will ensure they will have less trouble falling asleep.

It may see imposible but it is the opposite. Planning beforehand will ensure a safe and stress free traveling experience.

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