Never Give Up On Your Dreams

It is easier to give up then to keep on going.

How many times have we all pushed something back with the intent of doing it later? Does the phrase “I will do it tomorrow” sound familiar?

This causes us to easily give up on our dreams because we feel we have ample time to get things done that deal with reaching our goals and dreams.

Now more than ever with Covid-19 it feels like time is the most that we have but we lose days not working toward those dreams.

In a way it is easier to find some type of excuse to stop yourself from doing something you really want to do for fear of failing or not getting the response you want.

Do it for yourself, not because anyone else tells you to.

I am guilty of this myself. I have so much passion for doing videos that are informative or news type but found that I did not have much support. In not having support, I felt defeated and gave myself an excuse constantly to not do them.

In a way I only hurt myself because no one is going to push me nor force me to achieve my dreams. My dreams are for me, not for anyone else. In focusing on others I am only hurting myself.

Your dreams are valid and worth it. It will pay off in the end when everything is done.

You will thank yourself when you look back at everything in the future. Now it is easier said than done, but every time takes time and baby steps.

Don’t stop believing in yourself because you deserve everything you want to achieve.

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