Letting go of Toxic friendships…

When it comes to friendships it may be difficult to see the red flags.

We are blinded just like in any relationship by the memories that we carry with that person through out the years.

It is important to note which friend is truly there for you and who just keeps you around to know about your business, be like you, or to wait on your downfall to celebrate it.

There are many people that just want to keep you around just to have information on you. These are the people that you notice when something good happens to you they are not sincere with their congratulations. They make it seem as if they are congratulating you but they are not and deep inside they are jealous.

They tell your business to the whole world and population and have you wondering how on Earth does this person know this about me when I haven’t told them.

Be careful of the ones that want to be like you. The ones that want to buy everything you have and do everything you do, from your diet, clothes, hair, etc. It is just creepy.

Many can even talk behind your back while smiling in your face.

However they may come and whatever red flags arise it is important to notice as soon as they show up. It is not easy as I stated before. It is the same situation as when in a romantic relationship. We may be blind to it. If something feels wrong, they say something that doesn’t feel right in your spirit please take it serious. Just like in a toxic relationship we can not let it slide. Be aware of all the signs and hold people accountable. You must protect your peace and happiness at all times. Do not let anything slide just because they are your “friend”. Your life will be better because of it, I can assure you.

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