The Power of Positive Thinking

Has anyone ever read the book “The Secret” ?

I remember being in middle school when I was first introduced to the book and the documentary.

It all deals with the power of the mind and how it can change and shift the way your life goes.

This meaning, that if you envision something you really want and think as if it is obtain and feel it it will happen.

To further explain if you want a car. Envision the car, see your self drive the car, feel as if you already in the car and it will happen.

The book goes in deep into how this ferments into your reality and I highly recommend the book and or the the documentary.

It is surely and interesting way to look at things.

This does not mean it will happen at that instant, but it will happen.

Sometimes certain things take longer then others. It can be hard to be patient put it is necessary.

Also, I remember a story told by Steve Harvey in which he wanted a new car. His mother asked him if he sold his car he already owns. She then stated how can you expect a new car when your old car is still in the garage taking space. You have to get rid of the old to let the new enter.

As soon as he sold his car, he was able to buy a new one right away. This goes to say, that we must give space for any goal to enter our house. We must make room for blessings to come to us.

Remember to remain positive, make room for your blessings, envision it to the point as if it where in front of you, and let time do the rest. Your blessings will come.

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