Travelers take note…

I find it interesting how many people are not doing their research on the island or country they are traveling to before hand.

They get to the airport and become surprised when they are asked for certain documents or have to follow certain procedures.

This is not emphasized enough and definitely not talked about enough because too many people are still not doing their due diligence.

This current climate calls for such research especially because passengers will loose flights in some instances.

Also, many states, country, etc are closing again. It is important to know this beforehand or you could also be in automatic quarantine.

Being respectful to other countries, islands, states in essential.

If you are “vacationing” which is not highly recommended at this time please be sure to respect the rules.

There are many instances of travelers being rude to locals over rules such as mask. If you were against mask to begin with, STAY HOME!

Especially going on vacation to a destination where masks are required. If you were against it then the research should have been done beforehand.

No one wants a tourist coming to their area disrespecting the people around or the land.

Please remember that some places do not have the capacity or enough hospitals to take care of an influx of Covid-19.

Please be mindful as much as you would want someone to be mindful of your house, country and state.

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