The Current State of Airlines

The state of airline companies is up in the air.

It was announce that United Airlines will lay-off around 36,000 employees in the United States. All of this due to Covid-19.

As well all know during Covid-19 many flights were cancelled as well as vacations due to mandatory lockdowns to combat the health crises.

Many videos were known of empty airports and flights for months.

Although flights are picking back up and are being booked up to full capacity (also many videos shown), the airline industry lost a lot of money during that time.

Interestingly enough, the airline company was reported to receive a bailout due to situation.

Whatever the reason it may be, nothing is set in stone. It is also reported that the layoffs will correlate with how much flights and traveling pick back up. This does not mean they will not lay-off anyone, it means that they can possibly lay-off less than what they first estimated.

For the sake of those employees, I hope that there will be no layoffs. For the full article on the matter read below.

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