When Should Canada Open It’s Borders?

Many countries have closed their borders to Americans (something many should consider before thinking about traveling).

Canada is on that list. With Canada being our neighboring country it leaves many to think what’s next.

Covid-19 has caused many issues and this is certainly one of them.

Canada has a right to close their border because the U.S does not seem to agree on how to handle Covid-19 with many thinking it’s not a serious issue.

Cases have spiked tremendously as reopening of the country just recently occurred.

Canada is protecting its citizens from US citizens bringing Covid-19 into their country and rightfully so.

The question is how long should they keep the borders closed.

Covid-19 seems to be unpredictable and doesn’t seem to be going away as soon as many expected.

Will the end of the year be long enough to keep Canadian citizens safe? Should they open sooner? Should they wait longer?

The same questions can go to other countries who have closed their borders to US citizens for the moment.


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