Dealing with Societal Pressure

As we get older societal pressures become more prominent in our lives.

We tend to grow up believing that we will follow a certain path and that it is the only way to go. At times we may even make ourselves go crazy trying to follow these plans.

These plans include school, marriage, babies, careers, and etc.

We stress ourselves daily because society tells us we must be married by a certain age or we are not normal. We are told we must graduate college and enter a career field in order to become something or someone in this life.

That takes a toll on us mentally if we are not able to achieve these “goals” put on us.

I am here to say that every one has a different path and journey in life. It is normal to do things in different order or not do them at all.

Not everyone wants kids or marriage or even feel the need for college.

All of that is completely fine. Do what is best for you.

Life is meant to be filled with joy, laughter and happiness.

Whenever anyone tries to make you feel like you are doing something wrong for following your life journal and your passions the way you see fit ignore them and think of the end goal.

Things will happen when they are meant to happen and there is no need to rush it. Rushing it may lead to destruction and unhappiness later on in the line.

Remember some of the top CEO’s did not complete or even go to college. Remember Oprah did not become who she is known to be until her 40’s.

Trust the process. The outcome will be much greater than what you could ever imagine.

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