Travel Warning Continuation…

Many of us are feeling the traveling bug from being in quarantine and social distancing for months. It is only natural that we want to travel again just to have a new surrounding and get out of the house.

As I mentioned before, it is important to check with the travel guidelines as different airlines and countries have different rules for travelers due to Covid-19.

It is also important to check if the country has curfew or under quarantine due to the current situation. Many countries, city, states, etc are combating the current health crises as best as they can. With that being said a curfew or strict guidelines can change your plans for vacation.

There can even be guidelines for pools, dining, beaches, etc. It is important to due research before traveling as you may not want to deal with that especially since that may be one of the reasons you are traveling.

If you travel to Florida beaches are closed. If you travel to the Caribbean you may be limited how long you can stay at the beach. Pool usage can also have a line up or even a sign up sheet in which you would have to sign your name and pick a time available.

Strict curfew imposed also means you can not be out and about until midnight or later like you may be use to when on vacation. This also means that bars, restaurants and all social activities are on a time limit.

The important thing is to do research beforehand so that there are no surprises. It is important to follow rules and be respectful of the place you will be visit. Traveling is fun but during these times it is essential to be mindful and know what you are able and not able to do in order to respect your destination.

Lastly, check travel itinerary constantly as airport might be closed in order for your chosen destination to be able to control the situation. It is a hassle but you may have to change airport or flight time if your flight is canceled. Remember they are doing their best.

Having all this knowledge before hand will create a smoother, more enjoyable vacation.

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