Why it is important to do your research before having an opinion…

We live in a society where social media makes it easy for anyone to put out a fake story or even a 7 second clip of a full longer situation that may persuade the public to a certain side.

With that being said it is completely dangerous to do so. It is dangerous because people’s lives can be affected by this. Also, it makes it harder to provide the truth or show the truth once the information is out there. Once the general public makes an opinion that sticks around for ever. As they say, whatever is put on the internet it is there and can not be deleted.

The link I am going to add is not to go against any movement or to add any fuel to the fire of those that are against the movement. I also am not defending on or the other. It is just an example of many different situations in which the public was quick to judge without knowing the full story. It is also one that I was recently showed so I am deciding to show it as reference.

There are many instances and situations where the public is quick to judge without doing any research on their own and that should never be the case.

The link below is the longer version of the clip that went viral of a woman who had her gun pointed at a mother and her 15 year old daughter.

As you can see by the video not everything was shown in the viral twitter clip. In the short clip it was made to believe that the woman took out her gun for no reason and was threatening the mother and daughter after hitting her with their car.

The full video shows that there was a confrontation before hand and the couple were trying to leave and the mother of the 15 year old child stood behind the car and seemed to hit the vehicle.

People seeing the entire story should be able to make their own opinion.

This happens frequently in many situations such as even recently in NASCAR. Where Bubba Wallace was persecuted after an investigation done by the FBI stated that the rope in his garage was not a noose. Foto evidence of said “rope” shared by NASCAR afterwards show that it was in fact a noose. Also, people ignore the fact that Bubba Wallace was not the one to report it to begin with.

That speculation without waiting for more information caused for people to react so negatively towards Bubba Wallace.

As a society we must do better to gather our facts and information before persecuting anyone or speaking on a topic we do not have full knowledge on. The change starts with us.

I would like to know everyone’s thought on this… please comment or send messages privately if preferred.

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