Warning to Travelers

If you are planning on traveling please double check your airline guidelines and regulations due to Covid-19.

Many airlines, countries, states, and etc have new guidelines due to the current situation. It is important to check as it may change daily or monthly up until your point of travel. This may cause you to loose your flight.

For example, I was notified that a person flying from New Jersey to Puerto Rico lost there flight because they did not have the Covid-19 testing done beforehand.

Starting July 15th, the government of Puerto Rico have added enforced guidelines to passengers traveling to the island. Passengers must have masks. They must sign a declaration of travel form which helps the Department of Health keep track and monitor passengers. Negative molecular testing results done during 72 hours prior to your travel must be brought with you and shown once at the airport. In the case that the testing is not negative you must be quarantined for 14 days.

If the passenger does not have the testing done prior to arriving, they must get the serological test done at the airport. If the passenger denies they must go into automatic quarantine. The Puerto Rican Department of Health will be monitoring and tracking them as stated before. This goes to all residents coming back to Puerto Rico and visitors.

Many are not aware of these rules and guidelines. That is just for Puerto Rico, every destination is different. For example New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey are requiring automatic quarantine for 14 days for passengers that come from any of the states that currently have high Covid-19 cases.

In any case, it is important to check with airlines for travel rules and guidelines so that you will not be left behind on your upcoming trip.

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