Gender roles and society…

Cooking and cleaning is not just for women, putting oil in your car is not just for men.

It is great to have someone to help you out when needed when you do not know how to do certain things.

Having a partner who can put gas in your car, take your car to wash, or to the mechanic is lovely. But have you thought about if that person is not there?

What if something happens where that person can no be able to help you how are you going to fend for yourself?

If the person who cooks in the household is not able to be there for a while, how will you fend besides ordering out which is not ideal.

These are not gender roles, these are life skills. It is hard to think that anything could happen to the person that does what we don’t want or don’t know how to do, but it any moment that person may not be around.

How will you fend?

3 thoughts on “Gender roles and society…

  1. Yes, these are life skills. It’s so odd that these important life skills are divided and allotted gender-wise in many families.


    1. I agree, I never understood that. Depending on a gender to do a specific skill and then when that person is not around what do you do?

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