Loosing Yourself In a Relationship

A relationship is meant to help make you better. It is meant to complete the other half of you that is missing.

It should not destroy you.

When speaking of destroying it doesn’t necessarily mean hurt you and bring you to the lowest place you can be. (Some relationships might do that)

It means more specifically destroying your character to the point of not being you.

It means self doubting yourself and not standing by who you are.

It means not recognizing the person you are becoming.

You feel like you are just surviving but not living, you don’t feel like yourself because you are not. You do not enjoy the things you use to, and everything becomes about the other person.

Remember you were and are a human being who lived a life outside of the relationship and who enjoyed going to places and doing things by yourself and others.

There is only one you, and that you is special. So do not loose yourself.

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