Do Not Wait For Anyone To Do What You Want To Do.

We have all these plans that we really want to make happen with other people.

I am here to tell you do not wait for anyone to fulfill your dreams.

Do not feel like you need a sign or to ask for permission for fulfilling your dreams.

If you want to travel, do not wait for your friends to be ready because they will not be and you would have wasted your time waiting.

If you want a certain car, you work hard for it and do it on your own without anyone’s permission because it is your money and you spend it how you please (if you do not have responsibilities).

If you always wanted to go on a cruise, or hike a certain mountain. Do not wait for life because life does not wait for you.

Do all the things you have always wanted to do, do the things you love. When we die we take nothing with us but the memories.

At the end of the day you will have all of these amazing memories and a life fulfilled with everything you wanted.

That is the way life shall be lived.

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