When Will Society Stop Putting Pressure On Each Gender

We are constantly pressured in society from the time we become toddlers.

For women we are told how to behave, how to dress, how to talk and etc.

For men it is how to to not show emotions and how to be a “man”.

This causes so much disfunction in our adulthood yet it keeps happening generation after generation.

Woman are told how to dress and act for a man but men are not taught how to treat a women and to handle their urges around them.

Men are taught to not cry and not express emotions without realizing this is part of communication.

Women are told that they must be married and have children by certain age. Without even realizing that some can not bare children and how much it affects them.

There are so many things enforced on us but the change starts with you and your family. Stop the cycle that is repeated time and time again.

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