What I Wish I Would Have Known…Part 3

Everyone has different goals in life.

Some may just want a career that they can make money from and easy to get into and others are passionate about a certain career field.

It does not matter what career field you decide to pursue in college as long as you have a clear end goal.

Some career fields are harder to get into and there will be a million others fighting for the same position which makes it harder on you. If it is passion that drives you than speak with people and network to be able to understand how and what steps they took to get there. Maybe they did more internships than most, maybe they went to a bunch of networking events that helped them get in contact with someone in a hiring position.

If your drive is money, and still are not set on one career field. Look into possible career fields that have things you like and that are easier to get a job in. If this is your case, please do not choose careers in the health field or anything related, nor teaching. Anything that can have a direct impact on someone’s life in a negative way.

I have known people getting into the health field or teaching field for money and they are horrible at it because they don’t have the passion. They either quit their jobs or do not take care of their patients the way they should because they do not care. A teacher with no passion for it will cause students to give up.

Think about your goal for going to college.

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