What I Wish I Would Have Known… Part 2

Community college is not bad at all. It has such a negative stigma but it is a smart and valuable thing to think about.

It can be used as a tool to save money.

Regardless of the major that you choose when you enter college you have to take electives.

Those electives can be taken in a community college which is affordable in comparison to starting off at the other college of your dreams.

Always make sure your credits are transferable to the college of your choice before making that decision. That way there will be no issues when transferring.

Community colleges are for the most part free if it is the community college in your town.

Think about this especially now that school is virtual.

You would save the money you would normally pay for the college you were planning to go to.

Saving as much money as possible during college years is important. Especially, since for the most part we are all broke college students.

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