Save Money

You always hear you are young enjoy and do what you want with your money.

You also hear travel the money will always be made back.

A ton of advise geared into spending your money on adventure and leisure and not saving anything for the future.

I am all for adventure, leisure and fun but in a smart way.

The whole you only live once only takes into account your life and the consequences on it.

It does not take into account the consequences on other people you love and their lives.

I at a young age lost plenty of family members who I love and adore. This lead to figuring out funerals and cost. If money was not saved how on earth would the funerals be taken care of.

I think now more than ever due to nature of society and everything going on people are realizing saving money is important.

So many people have lost their jobs, can’t even afford a roof over their heads.

I have seen so many people buy expensive video games, cars , jewelry but do not own a home, can’t afford the insurance, can’t buy a laptop for theirs kids schooling.

With my own eyes I have seen people applying for welfare but talk about buying a brand new flat screen television. Then when someone unexpectedly happens because that’s how life is they have no money.

Financial literacy is something that should be taught in schools.

The money you are not saving because of the YOLO mentality does not just affect you, but everyone around you.

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