Do Not Let Someone’s Social Media Fool You!

With the power of social media, you may feel like you have an inside look into someone’s amazing life.

Please remember that people put out there what they want you to see. Not necessarily the truth.

I have friends that post the same pictures continuously from 5 years ago and act as if it new.

Friends who don’t post their downfalls or their current life but will make up a brand new life to make it seem as if they are living a magnificent life and not a dead end job they are unhappy in.

Some with imaginary boyfriends who buy them flowers when they are more single than Pringle as they say.

People hide many things going on, they lie about others. Social media is used to create a persona in which they are satisfied to show the world. Do not let them make you feel sad or jealous because you are not at the point in your life where you want to be.

There is no point of that as you do not know where they are truly in their lives so why compare.

They are more than likely not where they went to be in life but they do not want to show it.

Just focus on achieving your dreams.

2 thoughts on “Do Not Let Someone’s Social Media Fool You!

  1. Very wise and practical thoughts.❤

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