Airlines Keeping Middle Seats Empty Through 2021

Some airlines have implemented restrictions on seating such as keeping middle seats empty.

This to keep people further apart on an enclosed airplane in an effort to keep people safe while traveling during these times.

Some airline companies will continue this practice as it seems that Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. They feel it is necessary to keep their costumers safe.

It is interesting to think how everything was completely different at the beginning of the year. How everything changed so quickly.

Although I believe keeping middle seats empty are a good idea or step it does create many questions.

Will a family with children be separated or will they be allowed to travel together in the whole row?

Will the seating guidelines affect people’s jobs even more? Some airline company’s have had to let employees go and cancel flights all throughout. My only concern is more people loosing their jobs.

There could be a possibility that some changes and layoffs and canceled routes are permanent as the airline industry is struggling due to the pandemic.

Restrictions are necessary during these times but I know I’m not the only that wishes everything.m was back to normal and we could but this year behind us.

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