You are loved and you are worthy!

I came upon a YouTube video in which a photographer interviews people on Skid Row.

For those that may not know, Skid Row is a street in California where the homeless live.

There were countless of interviews and videos of drug addicts, prostitutes, gang members and more.

One video that stood out was the one of this man who was an addict, that was abused as a child, grew up without parents and he went though so much more.

The reason it stood out was because he feels so low about himself. He feels no one loves him and that he would rather not be alive. He is in a really dark place. Seeing the video broke my heart.

How can we get to such a low place as human beings. As I was watched the video and the countless others all I could think about is how to help. How I wish that any thing I would say would matter enough to change their life. If that were the case what would it be because I would not hesitate to do so.

What will make someone believe they deserve more than what they are allows themselves to have. That they deserve a better life. That they are loved. I wish they felt someone cares for them.

Life hands us all different cards, it is what we do and how we allow these cards to shape us that matters. No one deserves anything bad that happens to them. If there is a way to lower the chances of abuse, drug addiction , and more it should be offered and available.

I say all of this to say, please if you are feeling down or going through some dark stuff, get help. Reach out to someone, sometimes a stranger is better than someone you know. I am always available for a listening ear (my contact info is on the page). Get professional help, Paint, play an instrument, dance, sing, spend time with people who uplift you, find another avenue that helps distract you in a positive way from the negativity.

Do not let yourself get to the point that you are suicidal or do not care about anything and no one including your own life. It’s not an easy rode but not imposible. There should be something that can make you happy and change your mood.

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