Before you get into a new relationship work on yourself..

Speaking with one of my friends reminiscing on past relationships there is one thing we have in common. We were insecure.

Insecurity can lead you to accept the craziest of treatments when you deserve better.

Deep down you know you deserve better, but your insecurities take over and make your mind think that this person is the only one that will love you for your imperfections.

I’m reality a person that loves you will not point out your imperfections. They will not even notice them because they love what makes you, you.

If you do not work on loving yourself first you attract the damage person that comes into your life. Remember hurt people, hurt people. In the end you will end up hurting each other in the worse ways.

Learn to love yourself and work on those insecurities and character traits that may hurt others.

Once you love yourself and work on yourself for the better you will never accept anything less than what you deserve.

It is not easy, and will not happen over night. My friend and I spoke about how we are still insecure about certain things. Slow progress is still progress.

Make it so that you will not run back to the same thing that has caused you hurt,has made you dislike yourself more , and has caused so much damage.

Make it so that they no longer have power over you, and have the power to control how you feel.

A human being who knows their worth is unstoppable!

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