Be prepared for what you are wishing for.

We all have different things we wish for and want in life.

We often wish and think about it often. So much it is the only thing in our mind.

We think about it constantly.

Have you ever wondered if you are prepared for what you fished for?

Have you ever thought if you made the necessary steps to allow that to come into your life.

For example, if you want a promotion, are you ready for it? Have you taken special training or observed someone else doing that job to make sure you are ready? What good would it do if you got the job but were not prepared and where fired?

You need to make sure you prepare yourself to get that wish. Whatever it may be there is always something you could do to make sure you are ready to receive it.

Make room for that wish to come into your life. If you wish for a new house but have not sold your old one or looked into selling it to be able to afford the new one how can you expect a new house? You have to take the steps.

We open up and prepare our lives for whatever blessings we want, it opens up the opportunity for it to enter our life. If not, there is always something better.

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