Today feels gloomy…

Today has an aura of tension and gloom.

There were countless of memes on the internet of a brewing Civil War and it being the Purge.

It feels exactly like that, being election night.

It has gotten to the point where the election feels like the most important decision in America for its future.

Regardless of what candidate wins it feels like protest and more 2020 craziness will occur.

I never in my lifetime felt a civil war would start until now. Now it may be far fetched but with the state of everything that is how it exactly feels.

I have hopes that things will not turn out that way but it’s not looking great.

It seems that all over the US tensions are high, people are on guard and hate is all over.

Many if not all states have bordered up businesses, etc in an effort to protect them.

The US feels divided more then ever in my lifetime.

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