Society must evolve with the times…

The world is constantly changing, that is no secret.

What I find hard to comprehend is why so many people, and society as a whole refuses to change.

There are new ways to achieve the same end goal. Ways that are possibly easier, or faster, why can’t we all try them.

I understand the comfort of what is known and how we always do certain things and how “the show” always runs. Sometimes, the show needs a change to make it current.

The world will evolve continuously whether we want to or not. I remember a time I had to go to the library for research on a school project. Now everything is at my computer’s disposal.

I say that to say, that all though some changes may be hard, or tricky, we must try to adapt and learn to deal with it.

If the world is going to evolve and you do not, that will only leave you behind.

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