Be Mindful of Who You Trust

I know it is easy to give your full trust to people who you may feel are your “friends”.

Sadly, not everyone is your fiend. Some people at around you and act like fiends because of the benefits of your friendship and others only because they want to keep the enemy close.

Time will tell who your real friends are.

The friend that when you tell good news to automatically is happy for and sincerely happy. Not the friend that gives you a fake smile and separated themselves after because they are secretly jealous.

You will also notice the friends that are there for the benefits when you stop giving them the benefits they are accustomed to. As soon as you say no you become the enemy. You no longer the same friend they are used to getting something from.

These people and “friends” may be blocking you from receiving some amazing things because their jealousy is overpower you and your blessings in a way.

Get rid of these people and learn to speak less about the moves you make as that will give you a better outcome in the end. A bonus of letting go of these people and telling people less is your overall happiness.

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