Just because someone does not agree with you, it does not mean they are wrong…

We are all made differently and are unique in our own way.

The amazing part is that you are able to be yourself and there is nothing wrong with that. You believe in what you believe in and have certain views in different topics.

With that being said. Just like it is okay for you to think a certain way it is perfectly normal for someone else to do the same. When it comes to serious topics as well.

We need to accept that we all are different and believe differently and that is fine.

The only thing people should not disagree on are fundamental rights, racism, and etc. These topics are topics that could possibly harm and are not positive by any means necessary if you disagree with. These should not be debated. We should all know what is wrong is wrong and what is right is right in these topics.

The world needs this more now than ever especially with the political climate causing such an extreme divide and caos. It has come to the point that politics are intertwined with some of the topics above that should not be debated on.

This divide due to disagreements on important issues that should not be disagreed with is only causing hatred and evilness.

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