If you feel like an outcast don’t even sweat it!

Society has this notion of making us feel weird or an outsider when we don’t follow its norms.

At the end of the day what you define as normal could be different for everyone.

Some weird things to you are not to others. For example pepole who at obsessed with horror movies. Some might think it is weird and others don’t.

At the end of the day as long as it does not hurt you or anyone else, do what makes you happy.

Life is too short to be focusing on others quirks and or on your own.

Do not feel alone, there are others who share your interested and will accept you the way you are. It might take some time to meet these people but I promise you, you will.

Those are the people that matter, the ones that accept and love you for you. This includes romantic and platonic relationship in general.

I say let your personality shine, don’t change for anyone. Be yourself as they say everyone else is taken.

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