When it comes to relationships take your time…

Do not feel the need to jump into a relationship just because.

Get to know the person before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

The fact is that some of us are so tired of being alone that we just accept anything and everything that comes our way and that should not be the case.

When it comes to relationships the other person in the beginning is showing you the side that they want you to see. Not the real them.

It is the honey moon phase as many call it. In that phase they are evolving into whatever you want them to be. You will not find many of any flaws because they become “perfect”.

Give yourself time to get to know one another so that the true them comes out. The bad, the ugly side you are not exposed too yet.

Enjoy yourself, but don’t rush into any relationship with a stranger who can possibly end up making you unhappy in return.

It is said after 6 months the true person will come out but some partners find their spouses secrets after 25 or more years. What makes you think you know them after 3 weeks? Food for thought.

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