Striving to be a Better Person Everyday

We should all strive to become a better person each and everyday.

Each day is a brand new start, a refresh, and a do over. There are many things we learn whether we realize it or not.

Brand new experiences teaches us how to handle situations better.

With that being said it is an opportunity to become a better person.

We should all strive to become better people. We are creatures of nature, society and environment.

Everything we learn is not productive, nor good. Which is why when we are taught a different way we should become upset but take it as an opportunity to learn. For example society teaches us to be selfish.

If we become selfish due to society and someone teaches us a different way and teaches us about selflessness we can take that into account and apply the change to become a better person.

Change starts within ourselves. You will appreciate it in the long wrong and the people that surround you will too.

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