Being Self Sufficient is the Goal

There comes a point in life where you become self sufficient is the best feeling ever.

Not having to consistently rely and feel like you are bothering others is a blessing.

Start little by little you do not have to throw yourself into it all at once.

Being an adult means taking more responsibility and that is completely fine.

It is not always easy which is why it is fine to start with baby steps.

Paying a bill can be a great first step. Then you can go so on and forth from there.

It’s scary but doable. Just go for it, you won’t regret it.

3 thoughts on “Being Self Sufficient is the Goal

  1. Baby steps are always better than no progress….


    1. I agree. Sometimes we feel pressured by society to do certain things by a certain time but that should never be the case. Something is better than nothing.

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      1. Yes… why I always try to have a positive mindset and look at how far I’ve came on something over focusing on the long journey possibly still ahead for me…

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