Getting alone time is good for the soul…

Ever heard the words loner, antisocial, weird?

All of these to try and make an introvert feel as if they are not the norm and are weird.

It is completely normal to distance yourself at times.

Everyone deserves time to themselves, without the hassle and commotion of regular social life.

Peace and quiet is good for the soul.

Also, life can be overwhelming and complicated. You deserve a time out without everyone judging you.

Not everyone is the same and that is fine. You do what is best for you and yourself.

Let’s also keep in mind that not everyone wants to see you happy and win. While others are just snooping to see what is going on with your life. It’s okay to disconnect. This includes from some family members sadly.

Take as much time as you need to get your peace and quiet. Relax at home, go to your favorite place, read a book, do whatever it is that makes you happy.

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