Do Not Let Anyone Devalue Your Feelings

Others may not understand what you are going through. They may not even comprehend your feelings on certain topics and issues. This does not mean they are not valid.

Your feelings are there for a reason. Just because someone else may not see it the same way does not mean that your feelings are a cause of overreacting every single time.

This pertains especially to family. Sometimes family members do not understand the magnitude of effects that their words and actions can have on us.

This can be unintentional but nonetheless still impactful. When asking advice from others they will simply play it off and try to devalue your feelings instead of trying to comprehend why those words or actions made you feel this way.

Next time anyone tries to put you down for your feelings or make you feel like your feelings do not matter simply remove yourself, ignore whatever they say, and speak to someone who actually understands you. I feel like the new generation understands emotional intelligence, feelings, mental illnesses, and etc way more than the older generation.

We know what we are feeling and have a right to express it.

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