As you go through life, you learn more and more.

One life lesson I learned is the important of privacy.

Deeper than not letting people know where you live, or what school you go to.

The privacy where if you are thinking of getting a car do not tell anyone. Let them see you show up in it.

This is including family if needed.

People have too many opinions on what you should do with your life and the one who controls your life and decisions is you.

If you want to go back to school just do it and do not tell anyone. Just start and take care of your business.

The importance of this is that no one will know if you failed, no one can put negative doubts or thoughts in your dreams, no one will make you feel like you can not do it and ruin anything for you.

I’m a firm believer that you never know who is watching and who is wishing bad upon you. This meaning that people can be looking through your social media trying to gather information and see you fail.

Be so private people do not know anything but that you are alive and well.

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