Be the Kindness and Change You Wish to See

Change starts with you.

We all see things happening around us that we wish we could change.

We may feel like we are just one person and can not change anything.

That is so untrue, the change you wish to see is the change you need to start yourself.

Be kinder to people and that might change someone’s day for the better and in turn they will do the same.

Just like those people that have paid for someone’s meal and then they do the same for the next.

It is a never ending cycle and that is what we need more of.

We need more positivity, more love, and more good energy and vibes all over.

That one small act of kindness or change that you made to better society does make a difference as it is an effect that spreads all through out.

Many historic changes started with one person.

Go out there and be that positive change!

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