Speak positively about yourself..

It is easy to be negative and to try to make fun of yourself because it is a coping mechanism.

We often do it because we feel or know others do it and before they even get the chance to make you angry, or ruin your mood, you rather just do it before.

You might think it will make you feel better.

If I make fun of myself, then they need to find something else to use against me.

We often hear the same jokes about ourselves even as children and we become insecure as adults about these things. One of the reasons I am against making jokes about children, calling them names, and pointing out insecurities.

Instead of picking on yourself how about you y’all positivity into yourself.

Wake up and focus on the beauty in you. Focus on what makes you beautiful and unique.

This will help with self esteem and will definitely get rid of some insecurities.

We are all beautiful the way we were made and society has lost that a little bit. That is why so many people continuously get plastic surgeries and are never satisfied with how they look.

Focus on the beauty and nothing will bother you. No one will ever make you not love yourself.

There is beauty everywhere and in everyone, even in the parts you do not like because others have pointed it out to you.

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