Parents do not make fun of your children or point out flaws…

This goes to every parent and family members who have young children around them constantly. Some of you may think that society is soft now a days but that is not the case.

I grew up in a household (as many others did and can relate ) where where my parents, siblings, and cousins would make fun of me constantly. That made me grow up insecure of the very things they made fun of me for.

You may think it is just a joke and for fun, but calling a child fat, a hippo, four eyes, etc is not funny.

They are growing and evolving and are more than likely having a rough time in school being made fun of to then also be made fun of at home.

The child will grow up to hate everything about themselves and will want to change it and find it difficult to have confidence as an adult.

Do not let your jokes influence that child’s future negatively.

Tell them they are beautiful, tell them they are perfect just the way they are.

Remember our childhood can shape our adulthood and things like that can stay in it minds forever.

2 thoughts on “Parents do not make fun of your children or point out flaws…

  1. Exactly, it’s highly insensitive on the part of grown ups to laugh at the expense of a child’s shortcomings, when in fact the child has no hand in acquiring them. It’s bestowed by the Almighty. Then why make fun of them and hurt their tender feelings.

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    1. Exactly, then we wonder why so many adults want plastic surgeries and are not happy with their looks.

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