Women are not asking for it!

There has been a rise of femicide and rape on us women.

Often times, I hear many people men and women both claim that the person asked for it or put themselves in that situation. They insinuate that the victim asked for it and even deserved to a certain degree what happened to them.

That is not the case, and until men learn to protect the women around them from those who might want to do harm it will continue happening.

I do not wear clothes that expose myself in any sense of the word, nor do I wear a lot of make up to look a certain way and yet I have been followed, groped, and men have tried to take me with them. Thankfully up until this point I am alive and safe but I did not ask for any of it.

Even if I did wear clothes that exposed some cleavage or wore make up I am still not asking for it because I choose to look how I want to look for me not anyone else.

Things have to change and to my ladies please be careful. It’s a crazy scary world. Try your best to be vigilant, be surrounded by people you trust, and make sure to try and avoid going to many places by yourself if you can. It should not have to come to this but sadly that is the society we live in. Also, have someone on speed dial that will pick up in a hurry in case something happens.

Stay safe, protect each other and men please protect us more, it could be anyone woman in your family it could happen to.

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