United States Citizens Can only Travel to Very Few Places.

Did you know Americans can only travel to certain places due to covid-19.

We are not allowed to go anywhere and that is even if you want to travel in the first place because of the situation.

Most people are opting for vacations in the US due to this issue.

There are many places one can go to relax and have an amazing view and time.

For example if you like nature and hiking why not Utah or Wyoming with all of its greenery and mountains and that is just 2 of many states.

If you like the beach there is Myrtle Beach although keep in mind hurricane season is here.

Please take precaution and follow safety measures while traveling as it ensures a smooth and fun trip for everyone. Especially if you are not driving and will be in a plane with others. Do not be Mr./Mrs. Knowitall and give people a hard time just because you find a rule or guideline “ridiculous”

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