What will the new normal be?

With everything going on in the world it leaves me to wonder what will our new normal be?

The normal we are used to will seem like a distant past compared to what roads lie ahead.

Everything is changing as we know it. Whether it’s good or bad we will not know until we get through all of this.

That will be the outlier to determine how much the world has changed and if all of the changes are for the better.

I for one can not wait to be able to do normal activities without having to worry about getting sick, or any guidelines and restrictions.

It is necessary for the moment to get us to that place of somewhat normalcy but it seems to be getting father and father away because people can not seem to agree on anything regarding Covid-19 or issues going on in the U.S.

I would love to be able to go to the beach without worrying about masks or distancing, going to a restaurant without wondering about the ventilation inside, or even just be able to travel and go on vacation without having to take a test or worrying about putting peoples lives at risk.

Has anyone else wondered what our new normal will be? Will we be more conscious of germs? Will this affect us years to come? Will the US make the changes for everyone to feel protected and accepted in the land they call home? Will people learn to agree to disagree? What changes would actually happen? What will our new normal be?

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