Road trips are the new way to travel…

Are you feeling the need to just escape for a change of scenery?

Some people have been home following strict guidelines and orders to protect themselves and their families which is great.

I also know that with all those months in quarantine and not having a change of scenery and air can affect someone’s mental state.

One way of dealing with this issue is a small road trip! No need to step at an airport terminal or airplane with people who do not follow rules and have (let’s be honest) not so nice habits.

You can go with family that you have been surrounded by this whole time or whomever you have been around since Covid started.

It could be a short road trip to hike some mountains or site seeing in a natural landmark. Anything that gets you to spend sometime not only outside but enjoying yourself.

You don’t necessarily have to go far, but if you decide to make sure you stay somewhere safe that is sanitized completely.

I know life is tough but there are still ways to enjoy ourselves despite the craziness going on.

3 thoughts on “Road trips are the new way to travel…

  1. You are absolutely right, we have to find happiness in small things, events and getaways as well. What really matters that we are enjoying the company ❤️

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    1. Yes, it is important especially now more than ever! ❤️


      1. ❤❤ Stay happy 😀

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